About me

My interest in photography first started whilst at school when my maths teach er nicknamed me Cecil after the great Photographer Cecil Beaton. Back then i started out with a Minolta X300 on 35mm film. I then drifted from photography only to find it again in later life. My main passion is landscape photography and there are a wealth of places to photograph living both on the edge of Dartmoor and the Sea.

Iย have broad experience in many photographic styles from commercial, landscape and architectural. Currentlyย building up my life model experience and so far i’ve had a few shoots for commercial portrait and a couple of glamour shoots. I’m keen to expand my capabilities to be able to shoot glamour, weddings, etc

I currently work full time, but have a home studio setup and also use Plymouth Studio Hire.ย I’m keen to expand my portfolio and would be happy to work on a variety of assignments for free to build up experience. I have a keen attention to detail and take pride in the artistic content of whatever i do.

Equipment I use

I have a broad range of equipment including a new Canon 5DS, various lenses, studio strobes, modifiers, backdrops, etc – these can either be used at home or are portable.


  • Canon 5ds
  • Canon 1ds mk3
  • Canon 1ds mk2
  • Canon 7d mk2
  • Canon A7 mk1


  • Canon 16-35L f4
  • Canon 24-105L f4
  • Canon 100-400L f4
  • Canon 500L f4
  • Sigma 70-200 OS f2.8
  • Canon 85mm f1.8

My full equipment list is here







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