I’ve managed to amass quite a collection of both new and vintage camera bodies and lenses in a short time. I’ll try and detail it all here together with some thoughts on day to day usage and performance. I don’t intend to write lengthy reviews, but where appropriate i will link to the review site that influenced my purchase.

I pretty much started out 2 years ago now when i upgraded a Canon 1100D i’d had lying around with a kit lens and took a more serious interest in photography. Like many people i’ve probably made the mistake of overthinking equipment, chopping and changing and not thinking enough about composition, making time to go and make good photos etc. But that in itself has now given me quite an insight into a number of different camera bodies, lenses and manufacturers. I’ll confess now, i know very little about Nikon other than what i’ve read online. My main reason originally for choosing Canon as my main system was simply because it felt better in my hand! I have nothing else against Nikon and in fact i have a lot of respect for the Nikon system, over the past couple of years with models like the D610, D750, D800 and D810 they’ve lead the way in both megapixels and dynamic range.

I’ve tried over the next few pages to show show equipment i use, why i purchased it, or disposed of it and give some thoughts on usage.




Last updated: February 19, 2016 at 7:07 am