Canon Lens on Sony A7ii Comparison 16-35 20-35



This comparison forms part of a wider test of Canon lenses used on the Sony A7ii. I hve been testing with both a Commlite and Metabones 4 adapter for Autofocus and general lens usability.

In this test I’ve been looking at the Canon EF 16-35L f4 mk2 and the much older Canon EF 20-35 f3.5-4.5. Both lenses work great with both the Commlite and Metabones adapter and both autofocus in relatively low light – which is a problem i’ve been having on the Canon EF 85mm 1.8 – which appears to hunt on the Commlite and Metabones in low light situations.

Aside from the stellar Contax Zeiss T* 28mm F2.8 Distagon i’ve been looking for other compact wide angle lenses to put on the Sony A7. My Canon 16-36L f4 is a fantastic lens, but pretty big (14cm tall) and changes the dynamic of a compact camera – the 20-35 on the other hand only stands 7cm tall and also has the advantage sharing the 77mm filter system thats seen on many L lenses


Left – Canon 20-35   Right Canon 16-35L f4


A crop of both images – the Canon 16-35L slightly outperforms the older lens in resolution, contrast and detail but there inst too much to separate them

Left – Canon 20-35   Right Canon 16-35L f4

I was pleasantly surprised by the much older 20-35 in comparison with the 16-35. Whilst i doubt i’ll be swapping lenses on my Canon 5DS, the 20-35 makes a for a good portable replacement on the A7

The full resolution file for the 20-35 can be found here 

and the 16-36 here –


Other Useful Information about the Canon 20-35

DXOMark review / rating of the lens are here – obviously its been tested on a Canon – but i guess the 5Ds is closest to the A7ii in terms of resolution.

The Flickr 20-35 user group photos can be found here – i’ve always found it useful comparing what other people have gotten out of a lens and i’ve been quite impressed with some of the photos in this group

Ken Rockwell seemed to quite like the lens when he reviewed it here – saying …

“Heading out for an around-the-world budget trip, or backpacking? This is your lens.”

“While I’d pass on this lens for older full-frame DSLRs, on my 5D Mark III , its low weight, fantastic ergonomics and correctable optics just made it my new favorite.”


Some further 20-35 f3.5-4.5 pictures








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