Studio Heads – 3x Interfit EX400Ti

Interfit Ex400ti

Interfit Ex400ti


The EX400 Ti is the latest generation in the multiple award winning EX range, utilising a unique radio control system the heads have up to seven individual IDs programmed by the user. This allows each head to be controlled from the camera position without having to go to the EX400 Ti unit to make adjustments: All the main functions such as modelling light and flash power can be changed instantly from the camera position.

Each Head has the ability to assign an ID Number 1 though to 7, which allows the Dynamic Trigger to be able to adjust the features of each head separately from any the other EX Ti heads being used in the same room up to 12 meters away from the trigger. If you assigned a head to channel 1 and another head to channel 2 you can individually adjust each heads power functions and fire the head via the Dynamic Ti Trigger by setting its corresponding channel number on the trigger.

When used with the Sync cells turned off, complete control is offered via radio signals only. Once you have set up the controls and the lighting the way you want them to operate, simply press the top left button on the Dynamic Ti Trigger though to channel 8, this allows all heads to fires in sync. Should you have more than one head set on a single channel you can adjust and fire them in sync via the Dynamic Ti Trigger.



Flash –

I tend to use Youngnou flashes as they are pretty good quality alternatives to Canon, by having a large number of flashed i’m able to create portable lightint effects in conjunction with the Youngnuo trigger system

  • 3 x Yongnuo YN-568EX II



Light Modifiers –

I have a wide variety of light modifiers including the following

  • 40cm beatuy dish
  • 70cm beaty dish
  • Octobox
  • Various softboxes
  • Snoot