Reviews of Photography and technology related items

I’m by no means an expert on photography, however i have gained much experience and am happy to reflect on some of my good and not so good purchases. I hope that my reviews give some insight and help you make wise purchasing decisions or consider some equipment that you may not have otherwise considered.  There are also some other excellent photography related blogs out there including Tony Northrup’s YouTube channel, Ken Rockwell (Marmite!) and the Digital Picture all of which i’ve used extensively when making Body and Lens choices. If your a Nikon user then your unlikely to find any reviews here – not because i don’t like Nikon, it has some excellent equipment but my early choice led to a Canon DSL-R and later complimented by Sony mirror-less using some of my Canon glass as well as legacy Minolta and Leica.


Last updated: January 17, 2016 at 5:16 am