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Synology Disk Station – NAS


Synology Disk Station an excellent NAS for Photographers

I happened upon the Synology Disk station when i had problems with a QNAP at work. It turned out that the issue i had with the QNAP was my own (wrong power cable) and its still a very good brand, however the Synology software allowed me to do one key thing – synchronize my files to the cloud. Whilst the QNAP appears to give access to “some” cloud support at the time of testing this wasn’t completely thought through for Instance acees to Amazon AWS worked but access to the Amazon Cloud – more commonly where photographers may store unlimited pictures and RAW files as part of their Prime membership is only in Beta – worse this only works on Amazon accounts and not .uk. The QNAP also didnt appear to support file synchronization and it appears you needed a second device running sync software – which on the whole appears a little messy…

Enter Syntology! After a detailed look at the website the Synology (in my case a DS715) appears to have a very comprehensive range of software built in. Aside from being a network file storage device, it can act as a file server including secure file shares for different family members or work collegues, a Proxy server, Print server, VPN server , CCTV station and most importantly for my requirements it has a full range of cloud connectors, ranging from Microsoft, Google, Amazon AWS and most importantly Amazon Prime Cloud storage.

After setting up the various network shares, you can then use the “Cloud Sync” application to setup replication. Setup of this is pretty simple, the application takes you to an Amazon page to authorize access, you can then choose multi-way, download or upload replication directions.


Files put in the local share are automatically uploaded to Amazon – which makes for a pretty good solution – local copy on the disk station for fast access with a backup on Amazon that’s accessible from anywhere (I should also say that with a Synology account you can remote access all the features of the NAS too)

My solution consisted of a DS715 NAS which was approx £250 plus two Western Digital Red 6TB SATA disks – i opted not to RAID the disks, giving a storage capacity of close to 12Tb – but you can use RAID to give greater fault tolerance.


I was blown away by the Synology solution, the software whilst not as vast as QNAP’s does exactly what you could want to do, each of the solutions i’ve implemented has been excellent and well thought through – if you were looking for a NAS, Cloud sync or CCTV solution i would highly recommend looking at Synology





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