Voigtlander “Hyper” Wide


I have quite a few Wide angle lenses but when i see a new release of a lens called “Hyper Wide” 10mm on Full Frame my interest is definitely peaked. This is probably somewhat old news with an announcement in mid to late 2015 from Voigtlander, but as we draw close to the release dates i found myself pondering if i’m going to rush in and buy one. My widest lens to date is 14mm on full frame and this is in Canon EF mount – but can also be usefully adapted to use on my Sony A7. Aside from the 14mm i also have a Canon 16-35L F4 in my kit bag, which adds auto focus, which in some cases is useful, though i’ve found myself using AF on wide lenses less and less.

Voigtlander have announced 3 news lenses in their line up (or at least re-works of existing lenses) in Sony E-Mount. The big problem with the current range of Voigtlander 35mm film lenses that share the same focal lengths is that film is more forgiving than a digital sensor when it comes to the direction light hits it. If you can imagine a lens designed for film, the light can hit the film at quite a shallow angle, however a digital sensor it built up of several layers and is less forgiving and therefore people using the 12mm and 15mm current lenses have reported quite dramatic vignetting and purple / green fringing. This is exacerbated on the Sony A7R as the pixel density is greater and therefore the angle light can reliably reach the sensor even more acute. I believe there is some redesign by Voigtlander in the E-Mount range to help combat this. However it should be noted that much of this can be removed in post production or with Sony lens apps straight on the camera.

My dilemma is i’ve been trying to re-use my Canon lenses where possible on the Sony OR use reasonably priced manual focus film lenses such as Minolta or the stella Contax (Zeiss) range. Whilst 10mm is very appealing if there is a huge price tag associated i’m not certain if i will be getting one. At present we don’t have much more information other than the specification sheets shown below, but if you are like me and considering a new wide lens then release date and the RRP may help swing you one way or the other in terms of buying a used 12mm or waiting for the new Hyperwide 10mm.


I contacted the Voigtlander UK distributors  and the information they gave on RRP and expected shipping was as follows –

10 mm f 5.6 E mount expected price is £700.00 + Vat, delivery May
12 mm f 5.6 E mount price and delivery as yet unknown
15 mm f 4.5  E mount expected price £550.00 + Vat, delivery Mid- April


If you do decide to stick to the 12mm film version Philip Reeve has a good review of that lens on his site here


The main details of the new E-mount lenses are here – http://voigtlaender.com/e-mount.html

and the UK Distributor and main retailer are

Great Britain Flaghead Photographic Limited, t/a Robert White Unit 6 16 Alder Hills, Poole, Dorset BH 12 4AR www.flaghead.co.uk, www.robertwhite.co.uk


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